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Syncanite Foundation

The Ultimate Grand Strategy & Conspiracy Board Game


2 – 4 Players

Easy to learn

30+ Min per Player

Age: 16+

Feature Overview

These Themes and Mechanics will make you love this game!
Bidding & Area Control
Use your Armies to claim resources and denie others

Deploy your armies to conquer territory and thus resources! While it starts out as a (more or less) peaceful bidding competition, it can turn into an outright war, inspired by the industry classic “Risk” that we’ve all spent countless hours playing! Unlike that game, however, Syncanite Foundation ends much faster and with clear objectives.

Deep yet Easy to understand Economy

Trade your resources on complex yet easy to understand markets – inspired by Brass: Lancashire! Depending on the availability on the market, the price is determined and consequently reacts to your behavior: Will you use a favorable situation to your advantage or even create a shortage? Also, the value of money itself is also up for debate – through mechanics such as inflation and deflation.

A rigged and deadly democracy

Buy as many votes for parliament as you can afford and use as many as you need to pass laws that benefit your strategy and prevent those that hinder it. At the same time, opportunities for condeming your rivals in court or even assassination (without Player Elimination!) will arise – perfect, when the English way is no longer enough.

Crisis & Win Conditions

Each of your actions has an influence on the counters of a total of five different crises which, when activated, immediately cause chaos and change or expand the mechanics of the game. Each crisis also adds a way to win to the game. And for those who are denied these chances through the cruelty of their rivals, completely new, very dark paths open up.

Powerful Roles & Unique Dignitaries

The heroes and leaders of the world’s nations are in your hands – as are the levers of power: Actively influence the further development of the world by building infrastructure, controlling the central bank and media, steering democracy or deploying the military as you see fit. Your power is almost limitless. But will this be enough against your rivals? 

Everything´s crafted with love and a lot of time by an interdiciplinary teams of writers, artists, game designers and much more!

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Kickstarter Syncanite Foundation

Story Intro

How far will you go?

Syncanite – materialized power. For the masses, it is the only source of energy. For the elites, the key to immortality.

As an independent trade league, the Syncanite Foundation regulates the mining and distribution of Syncanite, the extremely valuable crystal mineral, ensuring political, economic and military stability. But behind the noble façade lurks a secret society of unscrupulous oligarchs.

At the levers of power, it is easy for you to plunge the continent into chaos. A power struggel is imminent.

How far will YOU go?

This handcrafted original Soundtrack (First 1/3 of the Track “Conspirators Momentum”) is composed by Fabian Wiestner from FrameShift Music

What´s in the Box

Epic Game Board with high detail

250+ Normal Cards
20 Tarot Cards

5x Dice 6
6x Dice 10
1x Dice 20

120+ Wooden Dices
45+ Meeples

160+ Punchboard Tokens

And a Rulebook with Game-Mode Variations + a Tutorial Video Series, including a strategy overview for advanced players

Components of Syncanite Foundation

Syncanite Foundation Brettspiel

Crisis & Victories

Every player action has consequences. Five different crises can be triggered and add actions and rules to the game. Each of them opens up a path to victory.


Votes & Assasinations

Parliament votes on laws that have a massive impact on the continent’s development. Push your agenda in secret! Assassinations and other intrigues also take place here.

Goods Market


Buy or sell goods for capital to make profits. You can also use goods to buy cards from the operations pile. You can use these to play your rivals badly and gain unfair advantages.

Syncanit Market


Syncanite is the continent’s most valuable resource. It can be used to make profits or to bribe high-ranking officials. Finally, it can also be used to activate special abilities.

Food Market


Food is the cheapest resource on the market and yet it is important: you use it to buy and maintain armies that can be deployed to claim resources on the continent.

Capital Value


The value of money determines your purchasing power. Certain roles and events can influence this and trigger inflation, for example.

The Continent

The continent is divided into three nations, which in turn consist of different provinces, i.e. fields. Use your armies to claim the resources on these. In addition to resources, you can also claim field cards that develop the playing field and offer powerful bonuses.

Become part of the Syncanite Foundation

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Kickstarter Syncanite Foundation
Syncanite Foundation is played in 4 Phases
Syncanite Foundation Konfliktphase

Phase I: Conflict

Claim regions & resources

“Only those who dominate can shape the future.”

Soric Flasyra, Guardian of the rhilian Imperium

Every member of the Syncanite Foundation has a private army. Use it to occupy regions of the continent in order to claim the resources there. But be careful: other players can outbid your military contingent. As long as this cold war prevails, the troops cannot fight, only displace each other. In addition to sheer mass, the clever use of operations and doctrine are decisive for this phase.

Phase II: Offers

Use profits for corruption

“With the right contacts, momentum becomes a method.”

Wator Abrius, Chairman of the Tycan Conglomerate

The market prices for your resources are in your favour? Sell or buy stock for capital and use your profits in a bidding contest against the other players to win over the continent’s dignitaries to your side. Their powerful effects will drastically change the course of the game. In the later game, this phase holds many more offers and opportunities for the players.

Syncanite Foundation Offertenphase
Syncanite Foundation Parlamentsphase

Phase III: Parliament

Manipulate & Murder

“When good words are not enough, clearer messages are needed.”

Maverid Czylark, Speaker of the Avadian Conclave

Influence the course of the continent by intervening in parliamentary votes. How many votes you have is entirely up to you and your abilities: Prevent laws that stand in your way and pass those that benefit you. Damage your competitors with a variety of means – from denunciation to insidious assassination.

Phase IV: Foundation

Pull the Levers of Power

“When the Nations collide, we profit.”

Unknown, Founder of the Syncanite Foundation

Use the unique power of your Role to push the continent into a direction you want: Invest in Infrastructure, censor the media, manage democracy, steer the Markets or control the military of a faction of your choice. Eventually, prepare for the next cycle: A new conflict phase awaits – and maybe even a crisis.

Syncanite Foundation Marktphase

Plunge the world into chaos!

Every action has consequences on the possible victory conditions of the game. No game will be like the other.

Win by seizing opportunity

“Chaos is a ladder”

Diplomatic victory

Subvert democracy

“It needs a virtuous leader who takes a firm hand.”

Use your parliamentary privileges to your advantage. Drive the integrity of parliament into crisis and provoke draconian measures. With the “Revolution” crisis, you can eliminate your political opponents and be elected ruler of the continent. Once appointed, you’ll never give up your power again, will you?

Heroic victory

Become the savior of the people

“Hunger is ravaging the country. Down with the elite!”

Reduce access to resources and drive up their prices immeasurably. Provoke hunger and misery. Push the population to the limit of their ability to suffer. With the “Triage” crisis, you and your fellow players will incur considerable costs to save the people. Who of you will become the people´s saviour and direct the anger of the masses against those in power?

Military victory

Conquer the world

“War does not decide who is right, only who is left.”

Use force against your opponents. Ignore the conventions of war and place yourself above the laws of parliament and nobility. With the crisis of war, you can enforce the law of the strongest and destroy your enemies. Millions will lose their lives, yet lay the foundation of a new era. Will you triumph?

Economic victory

Create your monopoly

“Weak institutions are good business.”

Liberalize the parliament, privatize the institutions and make gigantic profits. Whether by legal and ethical means or not is entirely up to you. With the “monopoly” crisis, you are laying the foundations for a plutocratic system of oligarchs bidding in obscene wealth for the last remnants of the once all-powerful state. How much are you able to pay?

Video coming soon!

Story victory

Ally yourself with dark forces

“For the freedom of the few or the freedom of all – you decide.”

Give in to your greed for the Syncanite and make a pact with the Order: Help its leader to the Emperor’s throne and serve under him to your own advantage! With the “Tyranny” crisis, you face a final boss scenario that revolvse around one great question: Do you accept the Emperor and win by his side, or do you all together coup at the right moment to reestablish the Foundation?

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Syncanite Foundation Kickstarter

Story Deep Dive

The Factions of the Continent

The conflict of the continent shaped it since the beginning of time. Three major factions have developed over the centuries, each with their own ideology. The Syncanite Foundation stands outside these realms, but … it is worth knowing and understanding your tools in order to use them. Each of them comes with a unique skillset and advantages.


Syncanite Foundation Rhiel Logo


The Imperium of Rhiel relys on its military and controles the continents granery. With this leverage, it is often enough not to lose a war to succeed.


Syncanite Foundation Tycos Logo


The Hegemony of Tycos is an industrial titan that produces goods of all kind. Whenever you are in need of luxury or cruel, unethical weapons: they have em.


Syncanite Foundation Avadur Logo


The Nexus of the North controles most of the Syncanite sources. This gives them indirect control about the continent – a soft power they abuse regulary.

There is so much more!

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Syncanite Foundation Kickstarter

About the author: Timon L. Thöne

In his youth, Timon wrote the novel “FLUX – Zugzwang”, a ~ 400-page novel about the world of Syncanit. Since then, he has been working tirelessly on transforming this world into all kinds of forms. Whether as a book with AR, a board game, a digital game or a movie: He embraces the adventure of trying and for that founded the Syncanite GmbH in Dortmund, Germany.

Syncanite Foundation Autor Timon Thöne
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