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TEAM SYNCANITE: DeepTech meets Entertainment

What happens when a few nerds from the tech industry get together and pool their knowledge of VR, AR, metaverse, AI, visual design, programming, storytelling, online marketing and more? Quite a bit!

  • We all share a passion for deep and complex games, whether analog or digital. As a young indie game studio with experienced partners, we are striving to develop a digital game based on the Syncanite IP. Our first step in this direction: our board game Syncanite Foundation.

  • The most obvious idea was to combine our diverse expertise into a joint offering. This is how our Service Department was born, which provides consulting and implementation services in customized task forces.

  • Indie studios are often great at development. However, they lack marketing, sales and management power. We close this gap. For ourselves and for others. We attach great importance to creative freedom, customized strategies and quality instead of quantity.


Our signature IP!
Based on the novel by T.L. Thöne – the founder and CEO of TEAM SYNCANITE.


Three nations, three ideologies – one resource

The fantasy novel Flux – Zugzwang is set in the world of Syncanit. It is divided into three powerful nations, each driven by its own ideology. They are in conflict over the crystal mineral syncanite, from which flux can be extracted. Every technology in this world is based on this energy. It is the source of power.

FLUX – Zugzwang is about constraints exerted by individuals or groups to achieve goals.

Because those who dominate can shape, and every nation in the world of Syncanit believes they are right with their ideology. But not only the ruling class makes use of the power of Syncanit: companies and corporations, rebels, philanthropists and criminals – they all pursue their own agenda and become entangled in the intrigues of this world.

Amidst all these conspiracies, intrigues and conflicts, two young souls meet whose decisions will have a decisive influence on the course of events: Kara, the daughter of the Guardian of Rhiel, a passionate duelist and idealist who firmly believes in the goals of the Empire. And Lycon, a pragmatic strategist with great ambitions. 

Syncanite Foundation: Soon on

Experience the world of Syncanit interactively via our board game: Take on the role of a conspirator and drive the world into chaos in order to win. 

Claim resources with your private army, corrupt officials, manipulate parliament and profit from the crises you drive the world into.

But be careful! Your rivals will not shy away from intrigues and assassinations to stop you. How far will you go to seize power?

Prologue: Introduction to the world of Syncanite
Sycanite and the path to freedom

We no longer know how or when, only that it existed before the dawn of time: syncanite. The crystal mineral that can be used to influence space and time. This source of power has determined the fabric of zeran history since the beginning of its writing and was previously the power base of our creators. They called themselves Ascendants – the Ascended Ones.

antasy Buch FLUX Arkanit Kristall Illustration by Sven Arne Klinger

Gods who walked the earth and ruled over us through an illusion. The use of the flux – the energies of the crystal mineral arcanite was not magic or a divine gift open only to a few, as they – our masters – propagated. Instead, it was all based on a science whose findings had been hidden from us for centuries.

The consumption and control of flux opened up a whole new level of consciousness for the ascendants. Whether in medicine, technology or philosophy, everything an earthly being is capable of experiencing through the use of their own mind and senses pales in the face of what the state of transcendence – the complete unity of mind, body and energy – reveals. They became masters of the laws of nature and ruled autocratically.

We will soon start on

… are you with us?

We’re going on Kickstarter soon. Don’t want to miss out? Then set your reminder now for free. We’ll let you know when it starts!

The excessive lifestyle of the Ascendants culminated in the conquest of death – the achievement of immortality. Absurd amounts of syncanite were required for this. In order not to have to promote this themselves with their stagnating elite, the Ascendants created the Zerer species in their own image. To protect themselves, they modified the genetic code and restricted the Zerer’s sensitivity to the flux. For the Ascendants enslaved their creation and fell into cruel decadence.

We Zerer built their cities and monuments. Worshipped them in temples. Enjoyed their gifts, their protection, accepted their wrath. Service to the gods absorbed us, indoctrinated us. When the quantities of Syncanite reached their maximum and the cost of immortality exceeded these quantities, the Ascendants began to fight for access to Syncanite. The brutal duels to the death that followed the God-Emperor’s rulebook thinned the ranks of the Ascendants over the centuries. In their madness, they lost all touch with reality and became vulnerable.

How we gained our freedom is controversial and the subject of many discussions and treatises. It is just as unclear why some Zerer can use the flux more for themselves than others and whether a sensitivity like the Ascendants had is also attainable for us. We only agree on the fact that we began a new era with the first year of our freedom: n.A. – after the ascendant rule.

The knowledge of the ascendants and their technologies were lost in the battle for our freedom. Nevertheless, we have learned a lot over the decades. In medicine, we enjoy the possibility of complete cell reconstruction. Individuals report increased physical and mental limits when consuming and using Flux. And finally, we emulate our creators in the construction of machines, improving life for all.

But the power of Syncanite did not only bring good things. Individuals misused the flux to their own advantage. Entire groups emerged to pursue selfish goals at the expense of the general public. Free access to Syncanite distorted the balance of power and challenged the newly forming governments. To cope with these developments, monopolies were founded on the extraction of syncanite. While this did not solve all the problems, the groups that emerged and formulated their vision of a desirable future formed the foundation of the great nations that have always dominated the Syncanite world.

– Alistan dé Peros, first chronicler, Imperial Chronicle of the Era of the North, 97 AD.

Immerse yourself in the world of syncanite

FLUX – Zugzwang

The Novel
antasy Buch FLUX Arkanit Kristall Illustration by Sven Arne Klinger


The Board Game
Syncanite Foundation Symbolbild
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